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Regarding storage, I will mention G-Technology, a company that has always been solid. They are now a Hitachi company. Who knew? They have a lot of very fine, fast and quiet hard drives and Raids. Their new line of  es and es Pro Raids are extremely fast and easily expandable.

G-Tech has introduced a series of SSD drives. These are solid state based hard drives. The first is the GDRIVE mini SSD, an SSD unit in their mini enclosure, with capacity up to 500 GB. The 256 GB version goes for $1200. They aren’t cheap compared to disk based hard drives, but SSD drives have some big advantages. Most especially they have no moving parts. They are silent and extremely rugged. You could drop an SSD drive from considerable height and it will probably survive.

The GRAID mini2 SSD is an SSD raid which delivers an astonishing 200MB/sec data transfer rate using the eSATA port. The 500 GB model is $2,199. These were graded Best in Show at NAB 2009. For those working in the field, who need a mission critical, virtual bomb proof storage solution to offload P2 material this is a solution. They are certainly a less expensive alternative to the 128GB red camera RED RAM SSD drive that goes for $4500.