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  Turn your iPhone into a teleprompter! Yes, it’s another iPhone application, but a pretty ingenious one, brought to you by ProPrompter. In this scenario the on-air talent also controls the speed of the copy dependent upon how fast they flicked their finger across the face of the iPhone just after hitting the record button and just before jumping in front of the camera to do the standup.

The CNN Express was there. You know. The bus that traveled around the country during the election campaign. The bus upon which candidates got interviewed. It has what’s called a pop out and 4 HD cameras. The driver and a head technical guy were there. We told them the story about how our rented production truck ran out of diesel fuel during a production. They said “Yah, that’s happened to us too.” 

Scripts get uploaded via a web service operated by the ProPrompter People.

They also make a “read to the camera”,  traditional teleprompter version that uses an iPhone, a magnifying lens, and the usual piece of mirrored glass. See right.

OK, you’ve just shot your first 4K digital film using the Arriflex D21 and the KG UDR-D100 uncompressed video “portable” HDD recorder.

Where do you screen your film for the money people?

In your private screening room using the KG UDR-20S-8 HD SDI X 8CH uncompressed 4K video HDD recorder for playback, of course. Hooked up to your Sharp 4096 X 2160 64” High Resolution 4K monitor.

This helicopter guy is at NAB every year and it’s always fun to stop by and watch. A company called Digitronics sells this radio controlled helicopter upon which a video camera can be mounted. So it’s: Hit the record button. Take off. And Voila! You have your very own spycopter.

This always reminds me of a gas powered model airplane that my parents gave me for Christmas when I was a kid. It must have been something I asked for because I doubt they would have gotten such a gift for me without being provoked. It was what was called a control-line plane and it was powered by a small but powerful gas engine that put out a very loud high-pitched squeal. You fly the plane on two wires and control the flight of the plane with a little handle in your hand. When you point the handle up the plane went up and down it went down. With control-line you are always connected to the plane. You stand in one position, spinning, as the plane flies around you.  Sounds boring but back in the 50’s and 60’s it was a big hobby. These little planes would fly pretty fast and only took about 2-3 seconds for one revolution. This means you had to keep turning around quickly to keep up with it.

I am told you can feel the plane vibrating and the thought of the plane being only milliseconds from the ground kept you on your toes. You could do acrobatics with them and figure 8’s etc.

My plane was a sleek fighter made out of shiny, grey plastic. Unfortunately, as I looked on in expectation, my dad crashed the plane on the very first revolution of its maiden flight. Shortly after take off the plane had uncontrollably and without explanation dived head first into the tarmac and splintered into numerous small pieces never to fly again.