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XDCam hd

One of the most engaging Sony demonstrations involved a side-by-side blind comparison of production monitors. In a darkened room, there were three 23“ screens lined up. Viewers were told that one of the displays was an LCD, the other two CRT’s. I strained for about 10 minutes to see any difference between the screens. This is very good news. It means the new BVM-L230 LCD monitor very closely matches the look, feel and colorimetry of the venerable BVM-A series, which has become a video color grading standard. For info on all Sony NAB announcements .  .  .


The Sony Anycast small production switcher with new HD cards can now do 720P and 1080i

Go here for a rundown of Panasonic NAB announcements. New 32 gig P2 cards, etc. They had previously announced the AJ-HPX2000 camera which records in many formats to P2 cards. Formats include the new highly efficient AVC-Intra codec. The Varicam has been lowered in price and is still the choice of many for independent HD 24P film style production. Also at $26,000 the

AJ-HDX900 is very popular for high quality HD production on a budget. Panasonic’s plasma lineup is still the best and includes the 103” TH-103PF9UK, which at $70,000 is always good for a giggle.

Panasonic’s answer, the

AV-HS300G will do HD. Is less expensive and also less feature packed.