the original Jimmy Jib until there was a big split and they set out on their own with a better design. I got all the gory details from Mr. CamMate, the guy wearing the company colors to the right, son of the original Mr. CamMate. The travel mate is one solid piece of machinery. When not assembled it packs into a handful of well-designed travel crates. Particularly impressive is the new 360 degree dutch roll cradle. See right. All the wiring and control cables are packed inside

thursday 2

If I really wanted a new 25’ jimmy Jib-like contraption, this is where I would put my $30,000. CamMate used to be the fabricator for

the sturdy boom for unrestricted pan head movement. A special HD-SDI optical connector was developed so that there would be no loss of signal from camera to floor. Shown right.

The unit is designed to be set up in 15 minutes.

It has an all new L-shaped head design. Camera balance is achieved with a quick release lever system. This particular unit is part of the Travel Series. These guys have really done their homework and have managed to keep their prices down.

booms and cranes