thursday 1


I have always been intrigued by these little wonders. The Zylight is an LED based light,

puts out a soft beam, making it a very good camera light. Zylight’s can also be linked wirelessly for use in clusters to synchronize color output.

which uses clusters of red, blue and green primary color LED’s. This allows you to create any color in the spectrum simply by turning a dial on the back of the instrument, or switching between daylight and tungsten without using a gel. Zylight uses a wide angle LED that

Chimera is a company that specializes in the creation of soft light through the use of various types of diffusion units and fabrics. Check out their lanterns such as the one pictured to the right, mimicking an old cinematographers trick, the use of the chinese lantern to get a full soft light.

Pictured to the left is a demonstration of the use of differing sizes of egg crate grids. The smaller the squares in the grid the more light loss as the subject walks into and toward the light, effectively controlling what would be overexposure.   It’s all very counterintuitive.

Lowel has a new twist lock eXchange system, which allows you to quickly swap between three different sockets in a single rifa-lite. Switching quickly from tungsten to a screw-threaded fluorescent. The fluorescent is a very efficient and cool burning lamp that is daylight balanced. Lowel has kits available to retrofit the new twist lock base to older rifa-lites.