monday 2

Here’s an impressive line up of portable LCD monitors from a company called ikan.

I think they are Marshall panels that Ikan has put their own connectors and control unit on. Good monitors and less expensive than the Panasonic.

Sennheiser has a new cool little Flashmic that has a flash recorder built right in. Shown above. Non removable 1 GB of storage. Record. Download via USB.

See a review here.

Shown above, yet another line up of small portable LCD monitors. From, these looked quite nice and I suspect were relatively inexpensive. Worth doing some price comparison with other offerings.

Hands down the most jaw-dropping, inexpensive, flat panel Studio Monitor was the DT-V24L1D from JVC. Definitely a better picture than the comparable Panasonic models at the same price point. Reviews have it outdoing the much more expensive ecinema.  I would agree.