monday 1

first stop on monday morning is the new and improved and moved apple booth. Moved from it’s position directly across from the avid booth where it has been located for the last couple of years. A situation which lent itself to dueling demos with loud PA systems. The move is greatly appreciated.  On monday morning the apple engineers are eager to talk, honest and straight forward. An engineer who worked on the ProRes codec answers questions and demos a split screen of HD material. One side of the screen is uncompressed the other side is ProRes at 1/5 of the data rate of the uncompressed. I can’t see any difference. All systems are go and working smoothly except for the Motion 3 demo which I see crash three times within 5 minutes. All apple’s men in black that are present, swear by its stability. Motion’s 3D stuff is very cool. The new Color application looks just like a $100,000(?) da Vinci. And I can’t get near the Final Cut Server demo.

New log and transfer window.

Right across from Apple was the AJA booth. Apple had announced on Sunday a new hardware product developed by AJA.  The io HD. Many, many formats and connections in, turned into ProRes and output via a firewire 800 connection. This is great for portable and Macbook Pro editors who want to work with ProRes – hardware encoded ProRes. The io HD is not really built for editors using a Mac Pro because the Kona 3 will do the same thing less expensively with new drivers from AJA and a fast processor.

Here’s the latest ergonomic sitter that AnthroCart has to offer. The company also has a series of motorized units called elevate. So you can work sitting or raise your work surface up and edit standing, just like Walter Murch. Caution: the elevate series is pricey and the air is rarified.